Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Was a cutie to paint

CraftKitsAndSupplies 10090 Fancy Bird House

CraftKitsAndSupplies 10090 Fancy Bird House

My twin babies are not born yet but size seems to be bigger than indicated on label, which is not really a problem (wrong sizing come to be a problem when it's smaller than indicated, not bigger, in fact). Love the color, quality of the fabric and easy access thanks to the front zip. I don't want that much to dress my boy and girl twins in pink and pale blue, so having this set in green is nice. I also ordered another set in green with another fabric design, and the 4 match easily and are neutral, so I would be able to combine them in many ways for both twins, I like that also :)
Haven't washed them yet but I am sure there will be no issues with that, you can see the good quality of the fabric and the making at a glance and frim first touch!!!
The only thing I didn't like is the packaging, cause there were several pieces of scotch sticking inside when you open the packaging, adhered to the fabric and you have to pull a little hard to remove them, and this leaves a very tiny mark on the soft fabric surface. It is not a great deal, but it could be avoided, really.
Nevertheless, I am still giving these nice pieces of clothing 5 full stars without hesitating

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  1. This was a present and was fun to paint and then put together.
    Painted in South western colors. Fun little project.