Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Better than our recliner...

Thinsulate Skiing Snowboarding Outdoor Thermal

Thinsulate Skiing Snowboarding Outdoor Thermal

My significant other was badly injured in a motorcycle accident in Sept 2010; he broke his back in 2 places, had multiple breaks in several ribs, and broke his collar bone. Believe it or not, he's walking! However, his pain level is still high even 6 months later and he has a hard time getting comfortable.

When he was being released from the hospital in December, we bought a really expensive, electric recliner but it wasn't being delivered for three weeks. After reading reviews, I purchased one of these Caravan Canopy Antigravity Recliners as a temporary fix... But he prefers this to the expensive recliner and keeps it set up in his bed room. He spends most of his time in it - he even sleeps in it.

Plus, we can take it with us to visit family and friends who might not have comfortable seating for an extended visit.

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