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Perfect Present & Better Than Anyone Could Imagine!

NewAir AI 100R 28 Pound Portable Icemaker

NewAir AI 100R 28 Pound Portable Icemaker

I bought this NewAir AI-100R portable Ice Maker in March 2011 as a birthday gift to my husband. He likes to drink an ice water or ice with juice all the time.
At the very first couple times of using that icemaker, I had to spill the newly made ice cylinders, because they smelled like plastic, but after that we did not have any problem with the taste of the ice. In 1 month after I bought the ices maker, we had some important family event and had to have a constant flow of the people in the apartment. For a week we had about 60-80 visiting people per day. For all that time my new Ice maker was working and making ice non-stop from 7:00 AM till 11:00 PM. I was really glad that I was able to make enough ice for all our visitors and was proud to demonstrate them my new ice maker. And I think that I saved so much money by making my own ice instead of buying it at the supermarket!
Ice maker was working fine every time I need some ice since I bought it (for 9 months already).
If you have guests, you just have to start making ice in advance and store fresh ice in the freezer. I use clean plastic bags to store fresh ice. If you are expecting a large group of people, it is better to start making ice a day before the event to store enough. Ice maker makes some noise, but it is mild and does not bother anyone.
The freshly made ice is wet, and it sticks to each other at the freezer. I have a habit to stir ice cubes in the plastic bag to separate them from each other after it was sitting in the freezer for 15-20 min.
At the hot summer time, when you start ice maker after it was off for certain amount of time, the 1st portion of the ice cylinders will be very wet, thin and flimsy and it is better to dump it back to the water tank. After that there is no problem.
Minor inconvenience is that even though machine has a red light on to indicate that there is no more water at the water tank, there are always some water left at the water tank. I always must spill out unused water. The removal of the water is done by the little pipe at the bottom of the ice maker that has covered by a metal cap (attached to the machine) and a little tiny plastic plug (unattached to anything and very easy to drop). If you will loose that tiny plug, then you will have a big problem. Better to be careful and do not drop and loose it.
We love our ice maker and its red color adds a cheerful atmosphere to my kitchen.

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  1. I have considered buying a portable ice maker for years, but balked at the cost. I finally bit the bullet and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. This particular model is moderately priced and at 27 pounds very portable (I love the flashy red color too). There is really nothing to it... pull it out of the box, wipe it down, plug it in, fill the reservoir with water and select the size of "cube" (which is really more of a cylinder). It makes nine cubes in 6-10 minutes. Within two hours I had enough ice for 4 8oz glasses. I really wanted this as an ice maker in our travel trailer, but it will also come in handy at parties and be used in other areas of our house. I feel like I should mention that it is an ice maker not an ice keeper. If it is kept plugged in it will continue to cycle and make ice, but the ice thaws and the water drips back into the reservoir to be made into ice again. That could potentially impact an electric bill. I make the ice and then store it in my freezer. Finally, I just have to add that this ice has a very nice consistency. I recommend that no one "chew" ice (very bad for your teeth), but if you're going to you'll find these less hard than some.

  2. tons of ice!!! We love it. Our family uses a lot of ice and this machine is keeping up with us. It was very easy to get started. Just a wipe down and fill up and we were off.

    It is so nice not having to buy ice every day now. This machine is saving us money, gas and time.

    The red is a refreshing splash of color in the kitchen. Small enough to keep on the counter top.

    We highly recommend this machine to anyone who likes ice cold beverages. In Texas, this is a must!

  3. The ice maker is wonderful! Love the red color - it goes with all my other kitchen appliances and is the only red one I could find on the Internet. There are 3 choices of ice cubes - the donut kind with a hole in the middle. We use the medium size and it is really fast. Lots of cubes for a few glasses before it has to start making more of the little "cubers". My son thought I was crazy when I told him I had ordered an ice maker, and a red one at that! But, after he set it up for me, added the water, set the size of the cubes, then waited just a few minutes before the ice was plunking into the container - he said, "Wow, mom! This is great! What a good idea!" I said pretty much the same thing in a previous review for this product - so am really just repeating how pleased we are with this purchase.

  4. I received the NewAir Icemaker in Red for Christmas. Once it was unwrapped, I wiped it down, plugged it in, added the water and let it do its thing. It works great! Within 15 minutes, I heard a "popcorn popping" sound and realized it was the first batch of ice cubes falling into the "ice tray" (and this is the only noise I've heard from the machine). I was pleased with how quickly it produced the ice and how within an hour or so I had to remove the ice from the tray and move it to my freezer so that it could continue to make ice. I was expecting approximately 10 people for Christmas dinner that evening and thought that I was going to have to run out to buy ice for the party, but this little machine produced more than enough ice to get us through the day with our regular drinking and through the dinner party.

    I should note that I have only been using the machine for about a week now. I do not keep it on constantly as the "freezing unit" turns off once the tray is full, so the ice on the bottom will begin melting. The upside is that the ice tray has holes in the botton and the water from the melted ice will drain back down into the water tank (which is probably why the manufacturer recommends draining it daily). Because of this, I run the unit long enough to fill up my ice tray in the freezer (a large one that came with the automatic ice make that no longer works) and then I turn off the machine. Because we typically use a lot of ice, I have only drained the machine once as I tend to use the full water tank full of water when refilling my tray.

    The ice machine does have 3 ice cube size settings, but I have only used the Large setting based on reviews from users of this and other ice makers. I actually love the large ice cubes as they are similar in size to those cubes in bagged ice, and easily go into my metal water bottle.

    It's red color is perfect for my kitchen. It blends well with my other red small kitchen appliances which include Kenmore, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Keurig, and Oster reds. They're not all the same shade of red, but they all compliment one another as does this machine. It's compact size is also a bonus as it does not require much counter space. While it is a solid machine, it is not so heavy as to make it too difficult to move from the counter to the sink to drain the water tank.

    Overall, I'm in love. The pros (function, production, color, size, quiet) are much greater than it's con (ice melts when tray is full). I would recommend this unit to a friend looking for a compact ice maker.

  5. I hate using freezer ice trays. My family loves ice but never fill the ice trays. That job always falls on me. Buying bags of ice is a drag, if you can find any on summer holidays. This ice maker has been all that I wished for. I ordered it on line. It was delivered in a timely fashion. The red color compliments my small kitchen appliances.It is attractive so I can leave it on the counter. I was anxious to try it so I cleaned it, filled it with water, plugged it in,and selected the large size cubes. The unit is so quiet that I forgot it was on until I heard some cubes dropping into the basket. That quick it had made perfect bullet shaped ice with a hole in the middle.I think the hole helps beverages cool quickly and stay cool. I never run out of ice. As a matter of fact I put the surplus ice in the freezer in a plastic bag. When the unit is not in use, I empty out any leftover water and dry the inside. My whole family loves this ice maker.
    They are so glad I bought it.