Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Thundershirt Excellent for decreasing Anxiety

Thundershirt Anxiety Treatment Large Heather

Thundershirt Anxiety Treatment Large Heather

We bought three of these for our three rescue dogs who have nervous barking issues. They go crazy when people come over or even pass by. They bark when there's the slightest noise. It's really jarring for us and our neighbors.

We put the Thundershirts on and it made no difference. None at all. The dogs went crazy when someone came to the door and they seemed to bark even more than usual at noises.

We decided we'd return the Thundershirts the next day, but I told my husband I wanted our dogs to sleep with the shirts on.

Our dogs are terrible in the morning when our neighbors are leaving for work. They bark at people coming down the stairs or getting their mail or starting their cars or moving garbage cans.

But this morning.... NOTHING! Not a peep! They slept right through it.

Once they were awake and walking around they barked a little but I think the difference is that the barking that was born of nervousness has now become more of a habit.

So we're working with the shirts to eliminate the underlying nervousness and using treats (positive reinforcement) to reward the calmness.

For those who find the Thundershirt does not work on their dogs, it may be that the shirt is just not a simple fix for your dog. You may need to use the shirt in conjunction with some behavior mod to shake old habits.

I want one for myself, actually.

I'm going to post this review a couple different places so that others don't give up too early but experiment a little.

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  1. i feel bad for my dog when there is a storm or something she goes hide under my bed or in the bathroom??!!! i always try to cheer her up but she just shivers and gets all stressed,.... are there any way i can make her feel a little bit safe??