Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

A great book and a quick read

Deep Dark Dangerous ebook

Deep Dark Dangerous ebook

As the coach for Reader's Rally in Georgia at the Middle School level, I have started reading all of the novels expected of my students. I can honestly say that Deep and Dark and Dangerous was a joy to read. I plan to purchase several copies for my classroom, and as the School-wide Language Arts Chair, I plan on sharing my response to this book with our Media Center as well as other teachers. Hahn's novel is tightly written and moves well with vivid description and tight development of the central character. Although the plot may be a bit predictable, the character development and the relationships are not. In addition, I truly enjoyed the "adult" theme in the secondary plotline. Parents who choose to read this book with their student will find an interesting lesson for them as well. We all hold secrets from our past, and this text asks us about our willingness to let these "skeletons" control our present. This is a must read for those interested in mysteries and the supernatural.

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  1. I am going on holiday and need more vampire novels.Any suggestions?. I have an Ebook so any Websites that sells Vampire Ebooks would be very appreciated.